With 24 years of experience, the contest has been held since 1995 in the city of Santiago, the capital of Chile, the fourth largest wine exporter in the world.

Catad'Or Wine Awards is the most important international wine competition in Latin America. With 24 years of experience, the contest has been held since 1995 in the city of Santiago, the capital of Chile, the fourth largest wine exporter in the world.


Catad'Or Wine Awards has the high patronage of the International Organization of Vineyard and Wine (OIV) and the International Union of Oenologist and since 2018 is member of VINOFED. In its 2019 version, it will evaluate and reward samples of still and sparkling wines, piscos and spirits from America and the world.

Catad´Or Wine Awards, is a wine contest held in Chile, open to samples from all around the world, with a great participation of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and of course Chile.


Catad'Or Wine Awards in figures 2018


  •      620 samples
  •      150 producers from 15 countries
  •      45 juries from 14 countries
  •      Press and publications US $ 400,000 in average value


Registration deadline

Friday, March 1 - Friday, June 14, 2019


End of the reception of samples

(3 bottles per sample Registered)

Until Friday, June 21, 2019


Tasting sessions

Hotel Cumbres Vitacura

Friday 5 - Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July 2019


Award Ceremony *

Municipal de Santiago

Wednesday 10 July 2019


* Starting from this date, the participants will be able to download their official certificate and to know in detail the evaluation of their registered wines, entering their company's section with their username and password. Likewise, they can also access general statistics of the contest.


Catad'Or Wine Awards aims to organize the wine contest of greater relevance in Latin America, in order to evaluate and reward quality with rigor and professionalism, and then spread the word about the award-winning wines as well as the history and culture of wine and its responsible consumption among consumers.


Annually Catad'Or gathers an International Jury from around the world, relevant countries like Brazil, United States, England, China, Canada, Japan, France, Spain Italy, among others, are present with Journalists, sommeliers, importers & Dealers, that generate prestige, business contacts, interviews and in their 23 years of existence, Catad'Or has been a subject for more of 200 publications and articles in priority countries to the wine sector.

Participations & Fee:

Catad'Or Wine Awards 2018 is open, without discrimination, to all producers, cooperatives, wine & Spirits merchants of America and the worldwide.

All wines and spirits must bear the indication of the country of origin where they were elaborated.


The participation categories are:



  • General
  • Icon wines (wines that cost over 50 US$ )
  • Small productions (less than 10.000 liters)
  • Countryside wines (INDAP users)



  • Piscos
  • Other distilled alcohol


Because Catad'Or Wine Awards is a seal of quality recognized worldwide.


Because Catad'Or Wine Awards delivers the evaluations and detailed scores reports of each entry, thanks to an innovative technological platform.


Because Catad'Or Wine Awards has an extensive network of media partners and strategic alliances to promote and disseminate the award-winning wines.


Because Catad'Or Wine Awards is the most important wine and spirits competition in Latin America with a 23 year old track of uninterrupted existence.


Because Catad'Or Wine Awards is an autonomous and independent contest of international prestige, which has the highest technological standards and is governed by the strict rules of the OIV (International Organization of Vineyard and Wine).


Because getting a medal at Catad'Or Wine Awards allows you to integrate the refined group "Catad'Or Rewards" and access important benefits to promote your wine among consumers:


  • Promotional activities throughout the year in the most important consumer centers. Participation in tastings and degustations at fairs, clubs, hotels and restaurants.


  • Publications in and in all our media partners: Caras magazine, and Caras; Vitis magazine, Placeres y Gente’s, special reportages in Wikén magazine of El Mercurio and in specialized international press.

participation fees:

■ The registration for national products has a value of $108,000 CLP. No tax included.

■ Advance registration value before June 1 value $91,800 CLP. No tax included.


■  Registration for international products has a value of US $ 130. Does not include taxes and customs.


Sponsorship benefits.


In addendum to the Article 24.3 of the Internal Regulation, the International Organization of Vineyard and Wine may agree to sponsor international or national competitions for wines and spirits of wine origin, requesting the sponsorship of the OIV on condition that the modalities of organization and the regulations of each of them are in accordance with the international standards of the OIV. [Read more Download PDF...]



According to the OIV standards of international wine competitions


Each contestant wine must be registered in one of the strains categories indicated below, with mention of their respective code. The wines that are identified as a certain variety should be made up of at least 85% of its variety.


The organizers will take into account this information and the one that is included in the registration form to organize the correct service of the wines in the tasting sessions.



Dry white wines from one strain

Semillón, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Viognier, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Torrontés, Moscatel de Alejandría, Moscatel, Others


Dry white wines with a mix of strains


Semisweet and sweet white wines

Doux or sweet (more than 40 gr/lt sugar)





Dry red wines from one strain

Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Cinsault, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Barbera, País, Bonarda, Nebiollo, Merlot, Carignan, Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Tannat, Others.


Dry red wines with a mix of strains


Semisweet and sweet red wines








Nature (up to 5gr/lt of sugar)

Brut or Dry (up to  15gr/lt of sugar)

Medium Dry and Semidry Wine (up to  40gr/lt of sugar)

Doux or sweet (up to  40gr/lt of sugar)





Piscos, Spirits, Distillates of grapes







The wines of small producers are the wines of production of less than ten thousand liters. Each producer is free to present his wines in this specific category or in the general category. The wines of this category will be tasted in a special session.







Icon wines are the wines with a value over 50 US$. The wines in this category will be tasted in a special session and decanted two hours earlier.







Countryside wines are the wines from heritage strains and/or other strains produced under ancestral, artisanal, organic or biodynamic methods, or with the concept of natural wines with production of less than ten thousand liters. Chilean countryside wines must comply with EXTENDED RESOLUTION Nº 153/2017 SAG.



participation regulations


In relation to the scores obtained in the tasting sessions, the competing wines can aspire to the following prizes:


Great Gold Medal (reference 91 points or more).

Gold Medal (reference 88 points or more).

Silver Medal (reference 85 points or more).


The total number of medals awarded by the jury can not exceed the amount of 30% of the wines presented.

A producer can receive maximum 12 medals.


Best Wine in show

Best Southern Cone Sparkling Wine

Best Vineyard *

Best Icon Wine

Best Carmenere

Best Rosé Wine

Best Small Productions Wine

Best Ancestral Wine

Best Pisco


*The vineyard with the best average score among the 5 best scores is awarded. The participating vineyards send 5 samples or more.




The contest will certify all the prizes awarded as follows:


Great Gold Medal: Official downloadable certificate, diploma and an actual Great Gold medal.

Gold Medal: Official downloadable certificate, diploma and an actual Gold medal.

Silver Medal : Official downloadable certificate and diploma.

Special Trophies: Official downloadable certificate and diploma.


The vines may highlight the prizes obtained by attaching the Catad'Or Wine Awards sticker to the label of the corresponding medal obtained.

The sale of the Catad'Or Wine Awards self-adhesive stamps is done exclusively through the contest's organizing office (, immediately after the delivery of the results.

The winners will be able to request the digital art of the medals for advertising purposes, either digital or printed media, for free.


Catad'Or Activities

Every year the contest carries out activities in parallel to the tasting sessions. This year the events with the producers will be held in the heritage buildings of the historical center of Santiago. This is part of the effort made by Catad'Or Wine Awards to spread the Chilean wine culture and its responsible consumption to citizens in the historical and heritage environment.



Pisco Сompetition

Since 2013 the Piscos category has been carried out at Catad'Or Wine Awards Santiago de Chile with great success and expectation.



Sparkling wines and Icon wines

Since 2014 Catad'Or Wine Awards has incorporated the awards for The Best Sparkling Wine of the Southern Cone and The Best Icon Wine.



Awards Ceremony

It became a tradition, and thanks to the sponsorship of the City Hall of Santiago, the award ceremony of the contest takes place at the Municipal Theater of Santiago, with the participation of the mayor, Felipe Alessandri Vergara.



Jury's activities

The jury will have the opportunity to visit wine cellars in regions and learn about the development and evolution of Chilean wines and valleys, as well as get acquainted with the terroir and the culture of local producers. Later this experience can be disseminated in their own countries through articles and reports in well-known media.



Countryside wines

In an effort to include a greater diversity of grape varieties and winemaking techniques, Catad'Or has incorporated a special category since 2017 to reward the best countryside wine.



International events

Once the contest is over, Catad'Or Wine Awards carries out activities throughout the year to disseminate and promote the award-winning wines.



Info Catad'Or Wine Awards

+56 9 9814 9066



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