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With 22 years of experience, Catad'Or Wine Awards is the most important wine competition in Chile and the most respected ones in Latin America, it will award all wines, sparkling and spirits of the continent from 2017.


Chile, the fourth wine exporter worldwide and the first one among the new wine world, is the headquarters of Catad'Or Wine Awards which with its 22 years of experience and the sponsorship of the International Organization of Vineyard and Wine (OIV), presents itself as one of the international wine competitions of greatest relevance and reputation in the American continent.


In 2017 Catad'Or Wine Awards will evaluate and award the samples of spirits, still and sparkling wines, and piscos from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Canada and the United States.


Catad'Or Wine Awards has been created to choose the best of the wines of the Americas.


Is an annual competition of wines and spirits of the largest range in Chile and the most reputed in Latin America. With 22 years of existence, it gathers  producers and exporter  of Chile and America, and since 2015 it rewards the sparkling wines of the southern cone.

Catad'Or Wine Awards Santiago, Chile, is sponsored by the International Organization of Vineyard and Wine (OIV), bringing together international and resident judges who will form a group of 42 specialists from 12 countries worldwide.

With rigor, impartiality and quality, the competition rewards and then spreads the word about the excellence of the wines and spirits in Chile and around the globe through its medal seal that guarantees the quality of the awarded products and consolidates the contest with tradition and maturity.


Catad'Or Wine Awards 2016 in figures


520 samples

110 producers

41 judges

12 countries

Wine evaluation.


Each year Catad'Or Wine Awards, evaluates wines with a group of wine tasters composed of an international jury, which is strictly selected among wine exporting, importing and producing countries. International and resident judges are recognized for their ability, integrity and independence, they are respected in their own countries, which give a technical guarantee, but also generate publications, interviews and business contacts that producers take advantages.


The judges from Europe, Asia, North and South America form the Tasting Panel. Local specialists from the Viticulture and Enology school of the University of Chile, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the Chilean Association of Enologists also participate in the Tasting Panel.


The wines are evaluated in blind tastings, under the strict norms of International competitions and in the regulations of the OIV and VinoFed. The tasting sessions are held in a properly conditioned room, and also in a room nearby where specialized personnel prepare the samples for the tasting.

Catad'Or Wine Awards, saque Santiago de Chile aims to organize the most relevant Wine & Spirit Competition in Latin America, in order to reward quality products with rigor and professionalism, and then disseminate the awarded wines as well as the history and culture of wine and its responsible consumption in the citizenship, creating its belonging to our culture as from the colonial times to our days the wine has been a part of our countries.

Main Goals.

  • Promote awareness of High quality Wine and Spirits produced from grapes.


  • Stimulate high quality wines and Spirits production and its responsible consumption as factor of civilization.


  • Present to public different quality wines and spirits, produced in diverse regions of the Americas.


  • Raising the technical and scientific levels of the producers.


  • Contribute to the expansion of the wine culture.
  • Making an annual Catad'Or Tour to wine-growing valleys, allows the international jury to meet producers,  terroir and the culture of  South American wine.


  • Incorporation the wine culture to the capital of Chile and its main Commune, which is full of numerous buildings and heritage palaces linked to this activity since the 19th century.


  • Availability of the International Jury members to meet producers interested on them.


Design and perform parallel events of the contest, to gather with local press, companies related to the sector and producers, such as Seminars, scheduled meetings and special products tastings.

Specific Goals.

  • Stimulate production of exportable wines that aim at quality.


  • Generate a marketing tool to promote wines and spirits that obtained recognition in the contest.


  • Achieve a great impact and press coverage before, during and after the Contest.


  • Strengthening the Competition on the national and international market through promotion activities of the awarded wines.


  • Provide producers with valuable information of their samples, gained and systematized in the contest tasting sessions.
  • Promote awarded wines and spirits through tastings to final customers as well as to marketers, importers and distributors, organized by Catad'Or in alliance with our brand ambassadors, friends and partners. Achieving highlight the excellence of the Americas wines and spirits, educate public and promote a healthy competition among producers.


  • Promotion of the awarded wines in the final markets of the different cities of the world.


  • Attract renowned international experts to evaluate wine & spirits from all then Americas, and disseminate information related to quality products tasted, in their own countries and mass international media.


  • Establish long-term partnership with national and international wine associations in order to define together how to create benefit to the wine & spirit sector.



Catad'Or Wine Awards is the most important wine and spirits contest in Chile and the most reputed in South America with a tradition that has existed for 22 years.


Catad'Or Wine Awards is a hallmark of quality, impartiality and rigor, obtained in a competition governed by the strict standards of the OIV (International Organization of Vineyards and wine); which is recognized worldwide.

In order to promote the winning wines of the contest, Catad'Or Wine Awards is constantly seeking strategic alliances with the international  media, hotels, restaurants and international fairs.


Obtaining a medal at Catad'Or Wine Awards is the fastest way to make your wine and spirits known, first in front of a group of experts from around the globe, and then in the market through the stamp of Catad'Or Wine Awards, that is already known in the world.


In 22 years of experience, more than 300 international wine tasters from all over the world have participated in Catad'Or Wine Awards. They visited our valleys, and got to know the wine and its culture, generating numerous press articles that have placed the label of Catad'Or Wine Awards as a reference of quality in Asia, Europe and the Americas.


Every year the competition attracts a group of wine-tasting experts from all over the world, which together with the resident tasters will evaluate the samples presented to the contest. This evaluation is translated into relevant information, which will be synthesized and delivered to each producer.


Once a product obtains a medal at Catad´Or Wine Awards, it will enter a selected group of wine and spirits that will conform the SELECTION OF CATAD´OR. This selection will be able to access the following activities:



  • Publication of the awarded wines in: and the FIJEV network (International Federation of Wine writers and Journalists), magazine CARAS,, Vitis Magazine and Placeres magazine, Gente's magazines; ensuring reaching more than 500,000 people, in addition to the international specialized press that publish the awarded wines and spirits of the year.


  • Preferential access to wine lists of restaurants, clubs and hotels.


  • Participation in Selection of Catad'Or tastings: "The Awarded Wines of Chile" (see promotional activities) in prestigious hotels, clubs, fairs and restaurants around the world.


  • Participation in Selection of Catad'Or stand at international fairs.


  • And so much more…

The benefits of OIV sponsorship


Pursuant to Article 24 (3) of the Rules of Procedure, the international organization of the vineyard and wine can provide its sponsorship to the international or national wine and viticulture spirits competitions, which request for the sponsorship of the OIV in condition that the terms of organizational and their own rules of procedure conform with the international standards of the OIV.


The purpose of the International Competition is:

- favouring the knowledge of good quality wines and spirits of wine origin,

- encouraging its production and its responsible and civilized consumption,

- presenting to the public the characteristic types of wines and spirits of viticulture origin produced in different countries,

- raising the technical and scientific level of the producers,

- contribution into the expansion of the wine culture.



The competition is open, without discrimination, to all the wines and spirits of viticulture origin, in accordance with the definitions of the "International Code of Enology Practices" of the O.I.V. All these products must bear the indication of the country of origin where the grapes have been harvested and the wines and spirits have been elaborated.


The jury

The evaluation of samples is performed by an international jury Panel composed of 42 members. All judges have knowledge of tasting techniques, are mostly winemakers, specialized journalist and have a diploma in the field of wine or spirits.



As absolute anonymity is a fundamental principle of the contest, the judges must keep silent and have no facial or body gestures that explain their impressions during tasting and notation.


Attribution of the rewards

The sum of all the rewards, attributed to the samples that have obtained the best results, should not exceed 30% of all the samples submitted to the competition.


Mention of the rewards

The rewards obtained must be accompanied by a documentary evidence or the "Diploma" established by the responsible competition organizer. This diploma must carry the exact designation of the sample that has been rewarded and the exact identification of the producer or trader.

The rewards obtained may be presented in the form of a stamp, reward badge or in the form of a backside label, legally authorized and counted by the organizer, which permits to identify all the data.


Traceability of the rewards

In order to guarantee the traceability of the attribution of rewards, the organizers must keep all the documentary evidence attached to the registration of the samples, the tasting files as well as the file with the winning samples, for at least a year.


  • Each contestant wine must be registered in one of the Categories that are indicated below, mentioning their respective Code.
  • The wines that are identified as a certain variety should be made up of at least 85% of its elements.
  • The wines that are identified as dry wines should contain a residual amount of sugar, equal to or less than 5 grams per liter.
  • The organizers will consider this information and the one that's indicated in the Registration Form in order to organize the correct service of the wines in the tasting sessions.




  1. Dry White Vine
  2. Semillón
  3. Riesling
  4. Gewürztraminer
  5. Sauvignon Blanc
  6. Viognier
  7. Chardonnay
  8. Moscatel de Alejandría
  9. Pinot Gris
  10. Others
  11. Dry white wine with a mix of vines
  12. Semisweet and sweet white wines





  1. Dry red vine
  2. Pinot Noir
  3. Cabernet Franc
  4. Petit Verdot
  5. Merlot
  6. Malbec
  7. Syrah
  8. Carignan
  9. Cabernet Sauvignon
  10. Carmenére
  11. Others
  12. Dry red with a mix of vines
  13. Semisweet and sweet red wines





  1. Still rose wines





  1. Nature (up to 5gr/lt of sugar)
  2. Brut or Dry (up to  15gr/lt of sugar)
  3. Medium Dry and Semidry Wine (up to  40gr/lt of sugar)
  4. Doux or sweet (up to  40gr/lt of sugar)





  1. Piscos
  2. Spirits
  3. Distillates of grapes






When registering the wines of value equal to or greater than 25,000 pesos for a 750ml bottle, the system will classify it into the ICON WINE category, which will be tested and evaluated with their peers in a special session.


* In case of ICON category, the wines will be decanted 2 hours before







The producers who consider their wines the be in the concept of this category may participate. The wines in this category will be tasted in a special session.


* Wines of Small Producers means that those wines belong to small producers and are made using ancestral or special methods ". Each producer is free to present his wines in this specific category.


According to the points obtained in the tasting sessions, the contestant wines may aspire to the following prizes:



  • Great Gold Medal (reference 90 points or more).
  • Gold Medal (reference 87 points or more).
  • Silver medal (reference 85 points or more).
  • The total number of medals awarded by the jury may not exceed the amount of 30% of the wines presented.
  • Each producer may receive maximum 12 medals. This rule's purpose is to allow the maximum amount of vineyards the access to the prizes.


Special trophies

  • The best wine of the contest
  • The best Сarmenere, premio FIJEV
  • The best sparkling wine of the Southern Cone
  • The best winery of the year
  • The best Pisco of the year
  • The Icon wine of the year


*The vineyard with the best average score among its top 5 scores is rewarded. The participating vineyards send 5 samples or more.

Catad'Or activities



Each year the competition carries out activities parallel to the tasting sessions. This year, the events with the producers in patrimonial buildings of Santiago will be held. It fits into the effort that Catad'Or Wine Awards makes to disseminate the Chilean wine and its responsible consumption among the citizens in a historical and patrimonial environment.

Pisco Competition



Since 2013 the Piscos category is carried out at Catad'Or Wine Awards Santiago de Chile with great success and expectation.

Categories Sparkling wines and Icon wines


Since 2014 Catad'Or Wine Awards Santiago de Chile incorporates the categories Southern Cone Sparkling Wines and Icon Wines, which are carried out separately.

Awards ceremony



The ceremony will take place on Monday 10th of July at 12:00 a.m., at the  Arrau hall of the Municipal Theater of Santiago with the participation of Mrs. Mayor, sponsors, industry authorities and winery representatives.

The jury will also have the opportunity to visit wine regions to get to know the development and evolution of the wines and valleys of Chile, as well as the terroir and the culture of the producers. Later they disseminate experience and places visited in their respective countries through articles and reports in mass media.

Icon wines: When inscribing wines Chilean pesos $ 25.000 / USA $ 40,00.-  or more for a 750ml bottle, the system will classify them into the category Icon wines. These wines will be surveyed and evaluated with their peers in a special session. In this category, the wines will be decanted prior to the tasting session.

Chilean pisco has a competition as well.

Novelties of this year

In 2017 Catad'Or will make a space for special wines or 'garage wines' and will award the best vineyard of the year.


Director Ejecutivo


Pablo Ugarte /


+56 998149066



Hospitality y Producción


Roberto Olmos /


+56 972108266



Communications and press


Paulina Tala /


+56  972122758


Catad'Or 2016

  • Tasting sessions will be held behind closed doors in the Hotel Cumbres Vitacura, from the 3rd till 7th of July (from Monday till Friday), 2017, from 8:30 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. The vineyards, if they wish, may request authorization so that a representative could briefly witness the work of the jury.


  • The results of the Contest will be announced publicly on July, Monday 10th  2017, at 9:00 a.m. on the website of the contest and, and directly to the wineries that obtained recognition.


  • The Award ceremony and delivery of medals and diplomas will take place in the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, Arrau Hall, or where the organization indicates on Monday, July 10 at 12:00 hrs.

Self-adhesive seals

The vineyards may display the medals obtained in the contest in their bottles acquiring the official sticker of Catad'Or Wine Awards with the corresponding medal. These stamps can be purchased exclusively in the competition offices, requesting them at immediately after the delivery of the results. Catad'Or Wine Awards reserves the right to impeach the dissemination of stamps that have not been authorized by the competition.

Download the stamp order


Director Ejecutivo


Pablo Ugarte /


+56 998149066



Hospitality y Producción


Roberto Olmos /


+56 972108266



Comunicaciones y Prensa


Paulina Tala /


+56  972122758





Almendra Santibañez


+56  944159839


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