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Registering online is the simplest way to participate in Catad'Or Wine Awards.


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Registration value and payment International


■ Registration for international products has a value of US $ 130. Does not include taxes and Customs.

■ From 1 to 4 samples: Full rate

■ From 5 to 10 samples: 10% discount

■ 11 samples or more: 15% discount


Registration deadline

To October 9th

End of the reception of samples

(3 bottles per sample Registered)

October 16th

Tasting sessions

Hotel Cumbres Lastarria

10th to 12th November

Online Award *

November 16th

* Starting from this date, the participants will be able to download their official certificate and to know in detail the evaluation of their registered wines, entering their company's section with their username and password. Likewise, they can also access general statistics of the contest.

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